magine if you could harness the hidden power of data analytics to transform your organization's insights. With graph analytics, this is now a reality. Microsoft VIVA is a powerful tool for exploring and understanding relationships within data. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using graphs from Microsoft VIVA, Azure, and office365 to gain unprecedented insight into critical areas of your people and business operations.

The Microsoft graphs are powerful portals into a company's underlying metadata that can help organizations make better decisions by understanding, accessing, and visualizing complex data sets. Graph analytics can provide insights that would be otherwise hidden by analyzing the relationships between people, devices, and data. For example, you can use graph analytics to understand how employees are connected and identify potential improvement areas. Additionally, graph analytics can be used to understand customer behavior and trends. By understanding the social connections between people, you can better target marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction.

One type of graph analytics that can be used to improve organizational insights is community detection. This type of analytics can help you identify groups of employees who share similar interests or goals. Once these groups are identified, you can provide targeted resources and support to help them achieve their objectives.

Some other examples of insights that can be derived from these graphs are:

Team communication patterns:

  • Understand manager-to-employee communication patterns
  • Peer-to-peer communication
  • Team engagement with both team members as well as cross-team collaboration

Productivity and performance:

  • Identify which teams are more productive
  • What time of day do people tend to be most productive
  • Do certain projects lead to employee burnout

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • How are teams clustering in terms of daily interaction and work
  • How diverse are teams based on self-identification data
  • Who on each team is disengaged and or being left out of daily team interaction
  • what can be done to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Employee Wellness

  • Who is at risk of burnout
  • Who is consistently working late and may require support
  • How is workload distributed across the team(s)

Operational Excellence:

  • What are the most common support issues, and how can they be resolved
  • What processes are taking the longest, and where can improvements be made
  • What is the impact of changes to procedures on employee engagement or satisfaction

By understanding your organization's social interactions, processes, and operations through graph analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to improve performance, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Implementing graph analytics can be transformational for your organization–uncovering hidden insights that were previously hidden in complex data sets. With Microsoft VIVA and other graph analytic resources, you can harness the power of social connections to improve organizational insights.

Graph analytics can give your organization a 360-degree view of how different processes impact one another. Ultimately, graph analytics can help you make better decisions about where to focus your resources to improve organizational performance.

If you're looking to harness the hidden power of graph analytics to transform your organization's insights, Microsoft VIVA is a great place to start. CloudScale's deep expertise in Microsoft Graph technologies can help you harvest and easily connect different data sets and create powerful visualizations that reveal hidden patterns and relationships. Contact us today to talk about your needs.


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